Welcome to Inara von Bluegrass Country’s page.  Follow us on Inara’s journey to become a service dog for a member of active military duty, a veteran or a first responder. Inara was donated to Duffy’s Dog Training by Bluegrass Country German Shepherds at the end of September 2023.  Matthew Duffy and his team of excellent dog trainers will be working with Inara daily providing the training she will need to perform specific tasks for the individual chosen as her future handler.


She will learn basic obedience, how to behave in public, how to get along with other dogs, and specific tasks to help her handler.  Tasks could include picking items up off the floor, leading the handler as she walks, carrying needed medications for the handler, stability for the handler, companionship, and many other possible tasks. The possibilities are endless.


We are excited to join Matthew Duffy and his team at Duffy’s Dog Training for this joint venture and can’t wait to see where Inara will go.

Update: Valentine's Day

Inara has been placed with her handler. Together they work with Duffy's Dog Training to continue refining Inara's service work for her handler. They practice daily on things like picking up bottles of water for her handler, guarding the handler by standing in front of the handler when in crowds, and cuddles when comfort is needed.

Check back often to see how she is doing.  We hope to have a new video at least once a month.