Bluegrass Country German Shepherds

Great Family Dogs

German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) are very affectionate with family and are great with kids.

They are intelligent, loyal, confident, and courageous.

They are reserved when it comes to strangers and are highly protective which is why the are great guard dogs.

GSDs are high energy dogs and require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. They are bred to be working dogs and need to have a job to do and problems to solve.

Our Mission

We Support America's Heroes

We provide one quality dog from each litter to a qualifying disabled American Veteran, Active Military or First Responder to be used as a service animal


We produce quality, healthy German Shepherd Dogs from Czech and East DDR working lines. These dogs have medium to high prey/toy drive, super intelligence, even temperament, strong bones, and large heads.. 


We produce versatile dogs which perform well as companions, sports, or service dogs.

Bluegrass Country German Shepherds

About Bluegrass Country German Shepherds

Bluegrass Country German Shepherds is a small town breeder offering quality AKC registered German Shepherd Dogs. Our German Shepherds are part of our family therefore, we only produce one or two litters a year. This allows us to work with each of our adult dogs, while providing stability for their health. Our puppies are provided early training, socialization, and stimulation which is vital for a German Shepherd Dogs  development.

ABout Our Dogs

We expect our German Shepherd Dogs to have large heads, strong bones, even temperaments and a medium to high drive. With training they excel to high standards, making them the perfect companion. German Shepherd Dogs have an abundance of desirable qualities; such as superior intelligence with a strong desire to learn, loyalty, confidence, and a desire to protect their loved ones. Our GSD dogs excel in competition sports, service roles and companionship. 

We Thoroughly Vet all applicants

Bluegrass Country German Shepherds does a full background check on all potential Puppy Parents to make sure they will be a good fit with our pups. Not everyone is able to provide the exercise and mental stimulation the dogs need to be happy. GSD require a lot of exercise and problems to solve, otherwise they get bored and get into trouble.

We want the owners and the dogs to be a happy, bonded family that will be together for years to come.


We believe dogs should remain with their owners throughout the dog's lifetime. If you cannot make that commitment, do not apply for our pups!

However, life happens. Please make arrangements for your dog to go to a family member. If that is not possible, Bluegrass Country German Shepherds will work with you to rehome one of OUR dogs.

We are not a shelter and do NOT rehome dogs that are not from our litters.

If you have a GSD that needs to be rehomed and it is NOT one of our dogs, please contact Tier Haven Rescue, Inc. 

Archer von Bluegrass Country (pictured) is one of two German shepherds from our "A" litter that have completed training as a service dog. 


Responsible Breeding

Good Dog is on a mission to connect good with good and improve canine health at both an individual dog and a population level. In that pursuit, we have sought out and worked with some of the top academics and practitioners in the field to develop community standards, which are grounded in evidence-based research and backed by science. While there is no “one size fits all” for what makes a breeding program responsible, we are able to use our community standards to evaluate programs consistently. Every member of our community must pass our screening process and meet or exceed our community standards before joining Good Dog.

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AKC Registered

Bluegrass Country German Shepherds register all of our dogs and pups with the AKC before they go home with their new owner. The new owner does not pay the fee, we do.
We also microchip all pups and do first round of vaccinations and deworming.

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What they say

Renee Ridenour

I don’t know where to begin. I’m so in love with my German Shepherd from Teresa and Paul. Throughout my life time I have had many dogs of all kinds including German Shepherds.  I often send photos and updates to Teresa, bragging about how perfect my “Cadence Mae” is, formerly known as Daisy Mae. Cadence is very protective but some how so appropriate. She is the best behaved pet in the waiting room during her vet appointments. Leaving people awestruck. Cadence has shown love and partiality toward those with physical and mental disabilities which really warms my heart. Cadence makes friends easily human or canine when she knows it is ok to do so. Everyone that meets her loves her. My family and I are very blessed.I hope to be blessed with another GSD from Paul and Teresa some day. 

Chris Basabilbaso

Amazing dogs, great lines in the parent dogs. The breeders know their stuff thru and thru with their dogs. Everything from training advice to feeding to play. They keep in touch with new owners and are always willing to help. Their support for military and first responders is above and beyond and well and that means a lot nowadays. As long as they're in business they'll get mine. Thanks Paul and Theresa! You guys have been awesome.

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