About Us

Bluegrass Country German Shepherds began from our love of our first German Shepherd Dog (GSD), Merida.  She is a super intelligent and family-devoted dog who came into our lives shortly before my husband had a stroke.  Merida naturally gravitated to my husband and helped him through a difficult time by providing comfort and companionship.  In addition, Merida helped my father-in-law, who had fallen while traveling.  She was the first to reach out and help him by providing the same comfort she gave to my husband, Paul, after his stroke.

Also, our goal is to continue teaching our daughter, Olivia, who has a disability, how to care for, train, and work with her service dog from our first litter.

About Us - Merida

It became our mission to know and understand the GSD, not just own a dog.  We have spent much time talking with trainers, veterinarians, and other GSD owners and searching the internet for more information.  We have spent time training and working with each of our dogs.  In addition, we have spent time locating quality German Shepherd dogs to begin a breeding program.  

Our mission:

  •  Produce quality and healthy German Shepherd Dogs from Czech and East DDR working lines. These dogs will have medium to high prey/toy drive, super intelligence, even temperament, strong bones, and large heads.
  • Produce versatile dogs performing well as companions, sports, or service dogs.
  • Provide one quality dog from each litter to a qualifying disabled American Veteran, Active Military or First Responder to be used as a service animal.


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